Kapas Biru and Tumpak Sewu Waterfall: Catch Us if You Can

Kapas Biru

My trip to Lumajang about two weeks ago also listed two waterfall in Lumajang to be visited: Kapas Biru and Tumpak Sewu.

First destination was Kapas Biru. This waterfall is located at Pronojiwo. If you kind of adventurous traveler, I bet you will like this destination. It take about 1-2 hours to reach Kapas Biru, you will do this things a long the way: climbing stairs, walking on steep ground, passing salak (snake fruit) plantation, rice fields, and also passing little river. The things I like from the trip to Kapas Biru was the concern from the villagers around the waterfall on the cleanliness. They made a simple bin (just from bamboo and plastic) every less or more 100 meters. There was also  a sign that written about put the trash in the bin. That’s really nice I think, since it really hard (in Indonesia, in my opinion) to educate people who came to tourist attraction to do not litter. I hope the visitors will obey the rules that the villagers already made.

Okay, back to Kapas Biru. Actually, this place is kind of new destination. It opened for public around June, two weeks before Ramadhan. The name of Kapas Biru came from because if we look quite far, the splashing from the water fall looks like cotton, and when it exposes to sunlight, there is a bluish color. The water go down from the rock that color brown. If you lucky enough, there is a sunlight that will make your pictures more beautiful. Even you can not play near the water fall, but it is still fun to play on the stream.

If you have a plan to come here, do not forget to bring snacks and water (or soda, juice, or what ever you like) because there are no little warung to buy mie goring or mie rebus (I hope it will be like that to keep the place clean).  If you bring snacks and drinks, PLEASE bring the rubbish with you again. KEEP THE TOURIST ATTRACTION CLEAN.

Oh, one more important thing. If the nature calling you to take a pee or even poo, well, you can do that in a really natural bathroom. I mean it! Because it only covered with plastic and no toilet and of course flush to wash away your thing. So, bring a bottle of water to clean up yourself.


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